Even with the availability of numerous means of marketing, the giving away of brochures is still the most effective form of advertisement. Brochures might be a little bit old-fashioned but they can still attract a lot of potential customers. The following are few reasons why brochures are the best marketing tools.

• Brochures are not costly – It would not a cost a company a lot of money even if they were to print hundreds of thousands of brochures. The printing of brochures is even less expensive than paying for a television commercial or even putting up a company website.

• Brochures are not disposed easily – One does not simple get rid of a brochure that is handed to him. People do not usually throw away brochures especially if the ones that are given to them are very attractive. Brochures usually stay inside a person’s bag or pocket. Aside from that, most people usually use brochures as scratch paper especially if they run out of materials to write on. That is why these things are not easily disposed.

• Brochures are straightforward – These things might exhibit a little sales talk but brochures are really straightforward. They contain a lot of information that people will want to know especially if they are interested with the products and services that are being endorsed.