Brochures without pictures are plain boring. No one wants to read a brochure that does not have any images. However, it seems that a lot of businessmen who make brochures do not know how to use pictures effectively. If you are to make a brochure, the following are some tips that you might want to consider.

• Avoid big pictures – A picture is worth a thousand words but that does not mean you have to put a huge picture in some of the pages. Use pictures that are big enough to convey what you want to convey.

• Use high resolution pictures – No matter how good the pictures look on screen while editing the design of your brochure, it is still very advisable to use high resolution photos. This is to avoid pixilated and blurry images after being printed.

• Do not use pictures from the Internet – The pictures from the Internet are copyrighted. If you are to make a brochure without experiencing copyright issues in the future, you should put your own pictures.

• Use border frames effectively – Border frames could be used to make your pictures more attracting. Border frames could be used effectively so that even your smallest pictures could be featured properly.