A catalog is a great way to showcase your services and products and give your customers an avenue to go through what you have to offer. The design of the catalog must be done properly with the placement of colors, products, typefaces used and size of any photographs used being given great consideration.

A consistent layout is important in attracting your target audience. A great tip you can use is to place the top products on the right because, most people look at the right hand side when browsing through a catalog. Do not use a lot of different fonts or typefaces because the end product will more often than not look confusing and inconsistent.

Creative use of color can attract the attention of anyone so ensure that there is also consistence in the color pattern in all your catalogs and marketing materials. The hues and contrast should be the same and should be the same as those that are used to identify your company. The colors will speak for your products and services as well as bring attention to the business. Select a printing company that is well known for quality prints. You can also find online printing companies that charge lower prices than their brick and mortar counterparts.