Once you have decided to use catalog in your marketing campaign, you will be faced with the decision of having to select the type of paper that you should use. The type of paper you select will have a great effect on the overall success of the catalog. A good quality paper will attract readers to read the catalog and increase chances of winning many more clients. Paper comes in different sizes and weights and your catalog design will determine the size that you should use. A good quality paper can either weigh 100lb, 80lb or 70lb coated.

If you are printing discount supplies catalogs, then you do not need to use heavy weight paper, while on the other hand, a catalog for high end products need the best paper weight so that it looks legitimate. The cover is the first thing that your target market will see first and it should be made from the best quality paper. The catalog will last longer if the cover has a heavy paper stock and will portray a professional image. The inside pages should also be printed in quality paper but if the budget does not allow it, you can consult the professional for a cost effective alternative.