Catalog or magazine printing is a marketing tool that is popular among most companies because of its high response rate, unique nature and being able to advertise lots of information. If you are looking for the best quality catalogs or magazine printing service, you should probably consider online printing and mailing companies that has comprehensive package.

This means that you can have your catalogs printed online and then have them shipped to specified locations. However, most business owners are apprehensive about mailing services since they fear that the final product might not meet their expectations when they arrive.

Online magazine or catalog printing companies offer you the chance to view the product just as it will look when it is being shipped. You can then give your approval so that the company can go ahead and print and mail the catalogs.

A printing company that has its own mailing department will be able to offer high quality and professional addressing and shipping. You will be provided with CASS certification, postal pre-sorting, scheduled drop off and pickups at the post office, and processing of your mailing list. You are not limited by size because you can send out even oversized catalogs. Just submit your mailing list to the company and some will even filter out duplicate addresses so that you get to pay for what is sent.