When you are creating a business catalog, your goal is to make it very readable for your customers. Of course, a lot of catalog designers really try hard but it seems that they are having a hard time designing catalogs that customers will find easy to read. Actually, you only have to consider the acronym W.W.H. The acronym stands for What, Who, and How much.

• What? – When you are trying to endorse a single product in a singe page, try focusing on that product alone. Do not try endorsing other products that you are selling as well. This is so that the attention of the catalog reader will be focused on the endorsed product and non-other else.

• Who? – Always determine who will be your potential customers. This is so that the words in the catalog could be addresses specifically to them. For example, if the product is for mothers, the words in your catalog should be addressed to mothers.

• How much? – Never forget to put the cost of the endorsed product. Customers want to know how much they will have to pay and that is why you do not have to deprive them from that knowledge. For example if one product costs one dollar, you should state that it is one dollar. Do not try straying off the topic of price by using too much flowery words.