KISS – Keep it short and simple. This is one of the most important marketing tips when making a brochure. Brochures are very important marketing tools. If you want to make brochures that people will actually read, you have to keep them short and simple.

How to keep it short
When you make the text in your brochure short, you do not have to omit a lot of things. Of course, you can still use flowery words so that you brochure could sound more convincing. You do not have to fill the whole brochure with your advertisement texts. After all, people do not bother reading paragraphs that are too long so you really have to keep them short. Avoid using too many long sentences. Never use run-on sentences.

How to keep it simple
You can keep your brochure simple by avoiding fancy fonts. Oftentimes, brochure makers focus too much in making the fonts of their brochures artsy. However, some fonts are too artistic and that is why they become unreadable. You should also consider the colors of your font. Make sure they do not contrast with the background.

By keeping your brochures simple and short, you will easily convince the readers to buy products from you or get services from you. Always remember the acronym, KISS!