You might be a school paper editor or one of the staff of the school paper team. If you want more students to be more interested in your school news, you might want to think of something creative. For the next publication, consider printing a magazine instead of the traditional newspaper. If your advisor or school principal approves of the idea, you can start planning for your school print magazine.

Here are a few ideas for your print magazine:
• A good cover – You should definitely make the cover very pleasing and attractive to the eyes. Your cover must be so good that people will want to grab the printed magazines the moment they set their eyes on it.

• Editorial – You can stick with your traditional editorial style or you could think of something creative. You might want to keep your editorial very short. After all, remember that you are dealing with a print magazine and not a school paper.

• News articles – Focus a lot on the news articles. Write more about the recent activities of your school.
• Feature articles – Choose your best feature writer and let him write about unique and very interesting topics.
• Fun page – The printed magazines should have a fun page. This is where you could put in fun facts, crossword puzzles, and comic strips.