Graphical Glossary

Bleed When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page leaving no margin.

The illustration above shows three different elements that bleed off the page (full page, rule, screened panel).

Bleed allowance To allow for any deviations in cutting the paper to the finished page size an element that bleeds off the page is typically extended about 1/8″ beyond the trim lines (corner or crop marks). The inset image shows the bleed allowance for this two page spread. Notice that the full page bleed extends beyond the corner marks at the top, bottom, and left but not the center.

Problem Elements that bleed off the page can sometimes add to the cost of printing if the printer must use a larger size of paper to accommodate the bleed allowance.

Solution If possible, redesign to eliminate the bleed or reduce the page size enough to fit the work on a smaller sheet of paper.