Definition: Done after printing as part of the finishing process, diecuts are areas of the document that are partially or completely cut, shaped, or cut-out in a variety of shapes. The die is a steel blade used to punch out the desired shape. Printers often have standard dies for common cuts. Custom dies can substantially increase the cost of the piece.

Talk to your printer to establish how they want diecuts designated in the digital file. For example, they may request a solid 2 point line outlining the cut of the image or specify a 1/4″ or larger edge allowance.

Also Known As: cut-outs

Examples: Diecuts include simple slits designed to hold the corners of a business card or the circular cuts to create door hangers. Diecuts on the outside of a piece can allow the text or part of an image to show through from the inside. Diecutting can be used to create rounded corners, flaps, holes, windows, or pop-ups. An entire piece may be diecut into unique shapes. On a page of decorative labels, the diecut may be a circle, rectangle, star, or other standard shape or contour diecuts can loosely or closely follow the shape of the image itself.