Folding | Scoring

There is an art to folding paper, even simple folds require planning. Get tips and tutorials on paper folding and scoring paper. Find definitions and illustrations for many common paper folds and related terms.

Following the definitions for various types of fold are numerous links to outside sites that further describe how to work with folded paper.

Articles & Resources

Accordian Folds
This type of fold is described and illustrated.

C Folds
See how this fold works.

Center Marks
These marks show where to fold.

Creep, Creep Allowance
Folding a big bunch of papers can become a creepy experience!

Are your folds at a crossroads?

Articles & Resources

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Double Gatefolds
See an illustration of this type of folding.

Double Parallel Folds
See this fold and how it is used.

French Folds
Would you recognize a French Fold if you saw one?

Learn what a gatefold is and how it appears.

Parallel Folds
When all the folds line up.

Spiral Folds
Is your folding paper spiralling out of control?

Zig Zag Folds
Did you zig when you meant to zag?