Contract Proof

“Contract Proof” Glossary Your Guide, Jacci Howard Bear From Jacci Howard Bear, Your Guide to Desktop Publishing. FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Definition: The contract proof is usually a color proof that is looked on as a contract between the printer and client as the final proof before going to press. Currently the de facto […]

Send Graphics

Things to Avoid When Preparing Graphics for Printing Preflight your files and graphics How you prepare and how you package your graphics affects how your files print. Compression Compressed images can cause problems for PostScript output devices. While they may print — eventually — it can considerably slow down your job. For best results, send […]

Send Graphics

Sending Graphics to Your Service Bureau Get gorgeous graphics There are dozens of graphics file formats but only two — EPS and TIFF are the standards for commercial high resolution printing. Beyond file type other graphics issues that can jeopardize your printing project are color, compression, complexity, and completely missing images. When you send your […]


“FPO” Glossary Definition: FPO means For Position Only. FPO is the placement of a blank placeholder or a temporary low-resolution illustration in the required location and size on the camera ready artwork to indicate where an actual image is to be placed on the final film or plate. FPO images are commonly used when you’ve […]

Send Fonts

Sending Fonts to Your Service Bureau Include the right fonts with your files Service bureaus cite the number one problem when outputting files is the fonts. The receive files with missing fonts, corrupt fonts, or the wrong fonts. If you want to avoid delays and errors on your next project, take the extra steps to […]

Sending Files

Delivering Files to Your Service Bureau Send proofs and disks To ensure that what they print looks like what you intended supply a laser-printed copy of your file. This can help technicians immediately spot obvious font differences, missing graphics, or changes in layout. Other items that you’ll want to include are additional artwork, font lists, […]


2 Spot Colors + Black = 3 Separations   PostScript or PDF Color Separations Two Degrees of Separation: Composite vs. Pre-Separated On a printing press each color of ink used in a document is printed one at a time. Each printing plate used on the press is made up only of components of the page […]

Send Files

Sending Files to Your Service Bureau Getting files, fonts, graphics, disks ready for commercial printing When you send a digital file out for film or printing more goes along than just your PageMaker or QuarkXPress document. You may need to send fonts and graphics too. Requirements differ from one printer to another but if you […]


Put it on the Pasteboard Page Layout Trivia and Tip Pasting Without Sticky Fingers Many page layout programs use a pasteboard analogy. Your page sits in the middle of the pasteboard. You can move blocks of text and images off the page and leave them sitting on the pasteboard. You can pan or zoom out […]


4-page booklet imposition   Imposing Order: Imposition and Printer’s Spreads Printer’s spreads and reader’s spreads for cards, newsletters, booklets In order to read, print out of order Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 … that’s the order in which we read a book or newsletter. But is that the way we print them? […]