Trapping Basics

Trapping Tutorial When Colors Touch Trapping helps to avoid the unwanted white gaps as seen in bottom example. What is trapping? Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet Huh? If you’ve always worked with a desktop printer or […]


It Won’t RIP RIP errors and fixes Raster image processing can fail for many reasons. Large file sizes can slow down the processing. Insufficient memory can keep large files from printing. Corrupt fonts and graphics, errors in the PostScript code, and other corrupted data can cause the RIP to fail. An incompatibility between your applications […]


Let ‘er RIP What you need to know about raster image processing In desktop publishing, RIP — raster image processing [verb] or raster image processor [noun] — is the process and the means of turning vector digital information such as a PostScript file into a high-resolution raster image. That is, the RIP takes the digital […]

True Fake Bold

Using software bold vs. true bold fonts   Stop Faking It What difference does it make whether I use “true bold” or not? In an experiment with true bold and fake bold, in my page layout program I set some text in bold with and without the bold version installed. See the illustration above the […]

True Fake Italics

Fake and true italics   What difference does it make whether I use true italics or not? In an experiment with true italics and fake italics, in my page layout program I set some text in italics with and without the italic version installed. See the illustration above the sidebar for the results. I didn’t […]


BLEED Graphical Glossary Bleed When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page leaving no margin. The illustration above shows three different elements that bleed off the page (full page, rule, screened panel). Bleed allowance To allow for any deviations in cutting the paper to the finished page size an […]

Crop Marks

CROP, CROP MARKS Graphical Glossary Crop To cut out or trim unneeded portions of an image or a page. Crop Marks Crossed lines placed at the corners of an image or a page to indicate where to trim it. Also called corner marks. Center marks indicate the center of a 2-page spread. The illustration above […]

Flight Checking your Files

Download a printable PDF version of the Flight Check List Avoid Printing and Finishing Delays With a Preflight Checklist Failure to include all items required by your service provider or failure to properly prepare digital files or camera ready artwork can result in both time delays and create addtiional costs. Use of a comprehensive preflight […]

Printing Process

Everything you wanted to know about Printing Especially Lithography Offset – but were afraid to ask! Printing is a means of graphic communications. It is the reproduction of quantities of images, which can be seen or perceived visually. Regardless of the great number and variety of printed products they all have one thing in common; […]

Printing History

Mans earliest known attempt at a visual record of his life and times dates back 30,000 years. Drawings, which were known as pictographs, were super seded by the more complex ideographs of later humans. As the years progressed, the ideographs were replaced by the Persians’ cuneiforms, and then by hieroglyphics which were perfected by the […]