Flightchecking Your Files


Use Visual Charts for Imposition

Put It In The Right Order

How do you get your pages — printed from your desktop or prepared for commercial printing — into the proper printing order? Some page layout programs do this automatically. Adobe Pagemaker has the 'Build Booklet' Addition and QuarkXPress has XTensions for imposition. Some word processing programs may be able to produce printer's spreads as well. Your service bureau or printer may have in-house software that will accept your postscript files and then create the properly positioned pages. In the sidebar you'll find lists of imposition software for desktop printing or for prepress use.

  • Make a Mockup
    Even before you start designing the pages, cut up and assemble a tiny mockup of your book, newsletter, or booklet and number the pages so that you can see both the printing order and the reading order of your pages.
    This can be invaluable when planning use of color and placement of graphics.

  • Print Thumbnail Pages
    Whether printing from your desktop or using a commercial printer, create thumbnails of your publication. In fact, your printer may require a folded dummy or a signature sheet showing positioning of pages.

  • Check the Chart
    Print this handy chart that shows printer spreads and number sequences for 8, 16, 24, 32, and 48 page booklets.

TIP: The two page numbers that are imposed side-by-side always add up to 1 more than the total number of pages in the booklet. For example, in an 8-page booklet all pairs of pages add up to 9 [8+1,6+3].




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