Sheet Fed Printing

Sheet fed presses are used in the printing industry to print jobs that require lower counts. For example, if a printer was printing a job that required 50,000 impressions they would use a sheetfed press. On the other hand, if they were printing a wide distribution magazine, a high speed web would be used. It […]

Sheet Fed Printing – Perfecting

“Perfecting” is done by the use of a special cylinder. In normal operation the printed sheet from the first unit is transferred to the second via a transfer cylinder. This is done by taking the sheet via “grippers” and passing it to the next cylinder by gripping the lead edge of the sheet and then […]

Sheet Fed Printing – Registration Systems

All presses are composed of four basic units: feeder, registration, printing, and delivery. It is important that you understand the process a sheet of paper goes through in its trip from the infeed pile through the registration system to the printing unit and finally to the delivery pile. The Feed Unit: The simplest and most […]

Sheet Fed Printing – Print Units

The printing unit places a water solution (fountain) and ink on the offset plate, transfers the image to the blanket cylinder, then to the paper. It then delivers the paper to the delivery unit. The printing unit must be adjusted so that the proper amount of ink and fountain solution are deposited on the printing […]

Sheet Fed Printing – Delivery Units

The delivery unit takes the paper from the printing unit and places it on the delivery pile. There are two common designs for sheetfed press delivery units: gravity and chain gripper systems. Typeical Press End With a Coater, IR Dryers, spray Powder system and the chain delivery The gravity system is the simpler of the […]

Sheet Fed Printing – Today’s Automated Press

With all the high speeds and productivity needed in today’s sheetfed market, How does the printer keep it all together? 20 or 30 years ago most of the process was hand driven in other words all press operations were completed by hand. If you needed to adjust ink, you did it by “tweaking” the “ink […]